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Where We Are Going

Cree-Ation Community Care Services is invested in the facilitation, preservation, and protection of a way of life for Native peoples. 

Reconnecting native peoples with a conceptualization of culturally traditional practices. Restoring lost knowledge of interconnectedness and traditional ways of being for the people of the native community. Bringing peace through acceptance of self, culture and moving forward in tradition within a new era.

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The Place of Gathering

A place of strength, comfort, and safety that exists to help local Indigenous peoples overcome obstacles and achieve success in every facet of their lives.


In each situation, the appropriate support and resources will be in place to ensure the best possible outcomes. The Place of Gathering exists to meet the needs of Indigenous peoples by instilling within them a renewed confidence in their traditional way of life. 

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Establishing a framework of a Native way of life through our programs

  • Group Care - Tawow Acimowin 

(Establishing A Circle Of Security)

  • Foster Care

  • Daycare 

  • Family & parenting

  • Advocacy

  • Restorative Justice & Safe communities

  • Physical wellness.

The Place of Gathering

The Place of Gathering is a dynamic program for supporting Indigenous communities. Offering Group Care, Advocacy, Restorative Justice, and more to unite families and focus forward.

Child Care

Establishing a circle of security that inspires resilience in youth facing difficult problems without the support they need.

Family Programs

Providing families with the assistance to navigate through challenges and supporting communities with tools they need to thrive.

Restorative Justice

Returning Native peoples to the forefront of Indigenous values once torn from communities and re-establishing traditionally held Indigenous practices.

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