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Impactful Action
​Community Care

Planning for the Future

Cree-Ation Community Care Society

We are an indigenous-led, non-profit organization focused on creating meaningful change, while honouring our culture.
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Our Vision for the Future


Creating Homes

Instead of Programs

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Generating Connections

To Build Communities

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Building A Voice
For Indigenous Peoples

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The Place of Gathering

A place of strength, comfort, and safety that exists to help local indigenous peoples overcome obstacles and achieve success in every facet of their lives.

Extended Hand

Cree-Ation Community Care Services is offering an extended hand to the community. Providing support through food, bus tickets, and personal items.

Get Involved

Currently hiring for Elders for our Elders Circle and Youth Care staff for our Youth programs.


What We Do


Preserving Indigenous language and traditions that reconnect Native peoples to the roots of the community through daily practices, rituals and inclusiveness.

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Cree-Ation Community Care Society is invested in the facilitation, preservation, and protection of a way of life for Native peoples. 

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